Hello Spring :) yes we have new owners! Summer Specialty Cocktail : Part 1 simple smile Snow is melting very quickly in South Lake Tahoe area! It’s time to sit on the patio to read a book or two in the warm spring sun? A glass of Rose? A pint of Icy cold IPA? or refreshing summer cocktail? This cocktail idea came from my infused water obsession. One day I dropped sliced strawberries and lemon in my mason jar, then found fresh Thai Basil in my fridge so I put some leaves into it… OMG! It came out super delicious and refreshing!!! So very next day, we experimented it as our new feature cocktail and had mini tasting with our staffs at Toast Tahoe.

Strawberry Basil Lemonade
Fresh Strawberries
Fresh Basil Leaves
Dash of Strawberry Syrup (If needed)
Lemonade (Home made is always the Best)
Float with your favorite dry Champagne